About Exaltsoft

Exaltsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd, a regd. Training and Development Company, promotes training programs targeting at youth and women between 18 to 35 years from economically weaker sections of the community and enable them gain access to opportunities as per market requirements. The program offers demand driven skill development and apprenticeship opportunities that are developed to most suit the local community and economy in a flexible learning environment that facilitates both market – orientation and personal growth in an increasing global context of a market economy and positive citizenship

Our Goal:

To identify the potential livelihood options available for the under privileged between the age group of 18-35 in the District and train them according to the market requirement, thereby achieving the goal of poverty alleviation and self –employment.

To provide young adults from economical weak background an opportunity to assimilate into the competitive job market and to help them acquire the required livelihood and social skills in an environment of learning that responsive to the individual’s emotional and developmental needs.

Penetrate in to the masses and educate them towards the market driven skills and provide them with sustainable livelihoods

Our Objectives:

  • To establish market – oriented, demand drive livelihood opportunity training centers.
  • To deliver appropriate training programs for the poor to enhance livelihood.
  • To train the people who have capability and who are waiting for opportunity and place them in the right areas in the market.
  • Develop a high-quality skilled workforce/entrepreneur relevant to current and emerging employment market needs.

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